The key for a succesful new investment

is selecting and involving the most experienced specialists in the industrial domain

If your main need is an industrial building, suitable for production purposes or agro-industrial use, including warehouse and ancillary space, we are offering the adequate support towards new-built development or existing construction conversion. We know your building should be located in a good infrastructural area with manpower availability, in proximity of main transportation corridors and in consideration of state provided incentives.

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The various regions of Romania provide different degree of connectivity to the developing transportation infrastructure, complex demography profiles, various industrial traditions, existing industrial preparation and alternative opportunities for development

Our Dedicated Team

Vindice team is built to cover all aspects concerning industrial properties: commercial, design, permitting and construction. We are ready to assist within any selected region. Our local presence in North-West, Central and South Romania allows for hands-on approach, directly on the spot, of all operations and tasks.

Laurentiu-Catalin Hanu


Gabriel Chimisliu

Business Director

Remus Goga

Technical Manager

Mihai Tiepac

Construction-Permitting Manager